Senior Management

Peter Ma
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Ma has over twenty-five years’ experience in private wealth management and corporate finance.  Peter started out as a Financial Advisor with a Taipei advisory firm before joining Taipei Fubon Bank as an Investment Manager. He then joined Bank SinoPac where held several senior roles before moving to Hong Kong and joining Standard Chartered as Head of Risk.

After 4 years with Standard Chartered, he was head hunted by Inka Consultancy and has been an integral part of Inka Consultancy expansion in the region.

Peter is a graduate from the National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu City, East Taiwan and holds an MBA Business Management.

Simon McKenzie
Chief Operations Officer

Simon’s career began as a Trader with the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) after graduating with a BA Hons in Economics & Finance from York University in Toronto.

After 3 years honing his investment skills, he then joined Toronto Dominion Bank in their Private Equity Division.  He subsequently joined Scotiabank where he headed their Mergers & Acquisitions Division. His operational experience helped to turnaround and increase value of a large number of their acquisition companies.

He then transferred to Scotiabank in Hong Kong before joining Inka Consultancy in 2017

Tanya Yan
Chief Financial Officer

Tanya Tan has over twenty years of experience in the Investment Management industry, as a Broker and later as a Portfolio Manager at Bank of China before joining DBS Bank and leading their Corporate Bond Team.

Tanya’s primary role at Inka Consultancy is to oversee all financial matters of the firm.  Her experience with the corporate sector primed her nicely for the role of Chief Financial Officer.  Ms. Tan also heads the Research and analysis Team.

Tanya Tan holds a Masters in Business & Finance from the University of Hong Kong.