Privacy Policy

Inka Consultancy places the utmost importance on the security and integrity of your information. We consider the protection of your personal information to be a fundamental tenet of client trust. We handle your information with professionalism and dedication, with total commitment to your privacy.

Through our interactions and dealings, Inka Consultancy gathers non-public personal information from you to help meet your financial objectives. We do not share your information with third parties who are not affiliated with Inka Consultancy, however we may do so with partners to facilitate investments.

We use demographic information taken from sources such as your IP address and general information to enhance our business operations in the future. We also use browser cookies to gather information as to your preferences when using our service on our website, however if you would like to disable this, they can be disabled through your web browser options.

Inka Consultancy gathers non-public financial information from you to help facilitate transactions with us and our partners. Through pre-existing agreements with Inka Consultancy and regulations governing the industry, our partners are obligated to follow strict protocols regarding the security of your information.

Through maintaining a secure system to safeguard your information, and through annual reviews and constant evaluation and enhancement of our system, we guarantee the confidentiality of your information. Access to your information is restricted to a need-to-know basis and any movement or sharing of your data is only done with client permission.

Inka Consultancy never sells your information to third parties, however regulators and law enforcement authorities may gain access to your information should it be requested in exceptional circumstances.