Investment Planning​

Inka Consultancy’s primary objective is to deliver long-term, risk-aware returns on investments to our clients.

By thoroughly researching market conditions and prospects, we seek to identify investments with inherent value and enable our clients to benefit from them. Through strategies devised specifically for our individual clients, involving the establishment of financial goals and structures, we seek out investments which strengthen their positions.

With Inka Consultancy’s vast network of agents and access to a multitude of markets and companies, from pre-IPOs to established firms, we offer a range of investment opportunities to our clients. With Inka Consultancy’s advisors providing guidance and counsel in regards to the risks and prospects of an investment, we work with clients to identify the right choice.

Inka Consultancy has established itself at the forefront of the industry by being able to identify potential before it has been realized by the market. Focusing our attention and resources on identifying undervalued opportunities, Inka Consultancy aims to offer clients investment options with low risk to their capital input and great potential for long-term future returns.