About Us

Inka Consultancy is a Leading Private Wealth Management Firm Based in Hong Kong.

Inka Consultancy was established in 2013 to help clients understand the market, make informed decisions regarding your financial future, and shape strategies through insight and intelligence.

With an Asia-centric focus, and four offices located around the region in key markets, we offer access to emerging opportunities and provide essential information, derived from comprehensive research and analysis, on international markets, assets and industries.

Our personalized service is specifically tailored to each client, with advisors dedicated to understanding your position, developing a strategy unique to you, and identifying the right investments and assets. Together with our market insight, this approach is tailored to establish a foundational strategy to build a productive and secure portfolio.

We discuss our clients’ goals with them and assist in their evaluation. We strategize the best course of action for each customer after carefully considering their financial situation, lifestyle goals, and attitude toward risk, We use our extensive  network and the intellectual capital of our research division to carry out the plan. 

We provide a variety of investment solutions, such as cash, fixed income, equities, and alternative assets, as well as strategic and tactical asset allocation. We can modify a client’s wealth management plan as their goals change.