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With Inka Consultancy, clients gain an innovative and reliable partner in the pursuit of your objectives.

Inka Consultancy is a leading private wealth management firm based in Hong Kong and was established in 2013 to help clients understand the market, make informed decisions regarding your financial future, and shape strategies through insight and intelligence. 

With an Asia-centric focus, and two offices located around the region in key markets, we offer access to emerging opportunities and provide essential information, derived from comprehensive research and analysis, on international markets, assets and industries.

Our personalized service is specifically tailored to each client, with advisors dedicated to understanding your position, developing a strategy unique to you, and identifying the right investments and assets. Together with our market insight, this approach is tailored to establish a foundational strategy to build a productive and secure portfolio.

Offering services ranging from wealth and investment management to retirement and tax planning, our expertise and knowledge have developed from years of experience, with our professional team helping clients to plan for the future and ensure security and prosperity. Generating solutions based upon our understanding of each client and your individual needs, we implement, manage and develop your interests pragmatically, continually looking to improve your position through intelligent divestments and investments.

With Inka Consultancy, clients gain an innovative and reliable partner in the pursuit of your objectives. Leveraging our global network, knowledge of markets and experienced wealth management experts, we look to capitalize on opportunities and establish a sustainable, productive and unique strategy for you.  

Our Services

Investment Solutions

Our method to investment management goes through a meticulous process and begins by pinpointing every one of our clients’ personal needs and concerns and ultimate objectives in life.


Inka Consultancy posses wide range of investment products to help you obtain your financial goals. We apply your investment plan through a meticulous procedure of portfolio building which uses a vast array of investment products.

Highly Customizable

We believe that you are the architect of your legacy. Planning for the future is of paramount importance and Inka Consultancy leave no stone unturned in making the right decision.

Hedge Fund

we have access to a vast array of hedge funds and alternative fund products. This opens up avenues to access more sophisticated investment products.

Initial Public Offerings

Securing finance through venture capitalists allows startups to begin developing and cultivating their company, should it succeed in gaining traction and success in the market.


With Inka Consultancy, investors will be able to trade and invest with Us using any of the major Cryptocurrencies.

As a top investment company in Asia. We offer in-depth coverage of both developing and early-stage economies,

We have a regional focus for our clients and are based in the financial center of Hong Kong. We look for value in new prospects in expanding areas. Since 2013, we have grown from a small local brokerage firm to a large worldwide corporation with a wide network of business specialists.

 Our personal advisors help clients find the best opportunities and build diversified portfolios. We provide a skilled and efficient service thanks to our wide-ranging network, creative solutions, and expertise in building long-term and fruitful plans.

On average Inka Consultancy has shown their clients a 31.72% return on capital over the past 5 years, reflecting an average hold of 132 days.

Bought at: $81.61
Buy Date:14/06/2022
Sold at: $117.71 
Sell Date: 14/09/2022  
Hold period: 71 Days
Profit: 44.23% 

Constellation Energy Corp 
Bought at: $49.22
Buy Date: 21/03/2022
Sold at: $8751
Sell Date: 09/09/2022
Hold period: 158 Days
Profit: 77.79%

Activision Blizzard Inc
Bought at: $57.29
Buy Date: 02/12/2021
Sold at: $82.31
Sell Date: 18/01/2022
Hold period: 47 days
Profit: 43.67%

Bought at: $9.22
Buy Date: 03/12/2020
Sold at: $51.37
Sell Date: 02/03/2021
Hold period: 89 days
Profit: 457.15%

Bought at: $44.27
Buy Date: 12/06/2020
Sold at: $108.39
Sell Date: 06/10/2020
Hold period: 116 days
Profit: 144.80%

PayPal Holdings Inc.
Bought at: $105.28
Buy Date: 09/04/2020
Sold at: $184.18
Sell Date: 25/09/2020
Hold period: 169 days
Profit: 74.94%

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
Bought: $49.28
Buy Date: 09/04/2020
Sold: $79.88
Sell Date: 04/09/2020
Hold period: 148 days
Profit: 62.00%

Bought at: $4.93
Buy Date: 25/06/2020
Sold at: $8.83
Sell Date: 20/08/2020
Hold period: 56 days
Profit: 79.20%

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Operations Officer